Toxic Beauty: The Art of Frank Moore, now at NYU's Grey Art Gallery in the West Village 

SSPNY Neighborhood Art Gallery: NYU's Grey Art Gallery Features Frank Moore

Skirball Center: NYU's Grey Art Gallery Features Frank Moore, SSPNY, StoneStreetNY, Stone Street Properties Luxury West Village NYC Rental Apartments

Whatever you or I might think of New York University and its seemingly insatiable need for Greenwich Village real estate--the NYU 2031 massive expansion proposal, aka the Sexton Plan, has been non-stop controversial, though the city has approved the latest iteration, and it looks it's a go, for now--one thing is certain: the savvy West Village resident can still find plenty of cultural adventures to be had on the NYU campus. The Skirball Center is perhaps the most obvious NYU venue to find cool, unusual things to do, with such recent offerings as the blow-your-mind Joshua Light Show series, in which the '60s Fillmore East veteran designed a multimedia extravaganza that exploded behind the stage as the likes of downtown musical legends Lou Reed, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, and Milford Graves rocked the house up front. For news of future events, you should get on the Skirball e-mailing list, here.

Gulliver Awake, NYU's Grey Art Gallery Features Frank Moore, SSPNY, StoneStreetNY, Stone Street Properties Luxury West Village NYC Rental Apartments

Another first-rate source for getting some culture in the West Village, also courtesy of NYU is The Grey Art Gallery, right across from Washington Square Park (heading east), and home to some terrific exhibitions over the past years, including the current show, Toxic Beauty: The Art of Frank Moore, a career-spanning survey of the New York City artist who, like too many others of his generation, died far too young, of AIDS, in 2002, after being tested HIV positive in 1987. As someone at the forefront of AIDS activism (he was among the first to join Visual Aids, the artistic faction of ACT UP, and spearheaded the design of the now-much-imitated red ribbon as a symbol of the fight), much of Frank Moore's work from the 1980s and '90s is, unsurprisingly, dominated by medical- and disease-based imagery, and it is often quite menacing, powerful stuff.

Indian Lake, NYU's Grey Art Gallery Features Frank Moore, SSPNY, StoneStreetNY, Stone Street Properties Luxury West Village NYC Rental Apartments

But NYU Grey Gallery exhibition's title, Toxic Beauty, gives a hint that, despite the weighty topics--environmental destruction is another common theme; as Moore said of his beloved Indian Lake, "every summer I'd go back and find it a bit deader. Now it's a graveyard."--Moore's work doesn't brood. Nothing about this show asks for your pity. In fact, with its bright color palette, twisted representational style, and considerable sense of humor (though, it should noted, Moore pulls no visual punches when it comes to sex and death), it all feels more vital and alive than a lot of art exhibitions I've seen so far this fall. Highly recommended--go for Moore's amazingly, creatively appropriately frames alone--especially for West Villagers who can just stroll on over to this, your "neighborhood gallery" at NYU.

Debutantes NYU's Grey Art Gallery Features Frank Moore, SSPNY, StoneStreetNY, Stone Street Properties Luxury West Village NYC Rental Apartments

Toxic Beauty: The Art of Frank Moore at NYU's Grey Art Gallery info
Toxic Beauty: The Art of Frank Moore will be on display until December 8 at NYU's Grey Art Gallery. The Grey Gallery is located at 100 Washington Square East and is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; on Wednesdays from 11:00 until 8:00; and on Saturdays from 11:00 until 5:00. Admission is free; donations are appreciated. Toxic Beauty continues at NYU’s Fales Library, but I haven't yet made it to that part of the exhibition. More info here.

Niu Noodle House: does the West Village finally get the first-rate ramen joint it deserves? 

West Village Restaurant Review: Niu Noodle House on Christopher Street and Greenwich Ave

Niu Noodle House StoneStreetNY SSPNY Stone Street Properties Luxury Apartment Rentals

So the first thing you should know is that I'm a total noodle head, willing and eager to drag my friends all over town in a quest for the city's most sublime bowl of ramen. And while the jury's still out on who's currently slinging NYC's best noodles, my personal Top 5 is pretty solid. In no particular order: Ippudo in the East Village; Jin Ramen up near Columbia in Morningside Heights; Tabata in Hell's Kitchen, right near Port Authority (I know! But it's worth it...); Toto, tucked away among the the office towers of Midtown West; and, especially late at night, Noodle Bar on Orchard.

Niu Noodle House StoneStreetNY SSPNY Stone Street Properties Luxury Apartment Rentals No Fee

Anyway, the point is this: I eat a lot of ramen, and so was pretty excited when Niu Noodle House opened over the summer in a prime West Village spot right near Christopher on Greenwich Avenue. And then... I was less excited, because apparently Chef Lo Lung Kit had to return to China (visa issues), so the place wasn't really ready yet. And then... excited again! Because Chef Kit was back! So opening week there I was, at one of Niu Noodle House's front tables, in full slurping mode. And while the results of my large early supper were somewhat mixed, Niu Noodle House has enough potential where it really counts to be worth rooting for.

Niu Noodle House StoneStreetNY SSPNY Stone Street Properties Luxury Apartment Rentals NYC

My starters, first Golden Brown Calamari Rings, then Flank Steak with Provolone Dumplings ("fried cheesesteak, yay!") were the weakk link here, but given that the Niu Noodle House just (re)opened, I'm more than willing to give Chef Kit another chance with these. In the end, of course, Niu Noodle House will live and die by its ramen, and, based one bowl, I'd say it has a chance. At Niu Noodle House you choose your broth (I went with the Niu Special Soup) and style of noodle (Thin, please) and, basically, your topping, for which I selected the Char Siu Pork, which wasn't the pork belly they advertised--more like loin?--but was still pretty good, with a pleasant sweet funk to it. In fact, the whole bowl was pretty good: the noodles chewy, the asparagus a nice touch, the heavily wasabi'ed tempura seaweed an even nicer touch. I can easily picture eating this (or similiar... maybe wide noodles next time? maybe the one with beef short ribs?) again, on a chilly night, after a movie at the IFC, nice and close to home.    

NYC Niu Noodle House StoneStreetNY SSPNY Stone Street Properties Luxury Apartment Rentals

Niu Noodle House info
Niu Noodle House is located on Greenwich Avenue just north of Christopher Street, and is open Sunday through Thursday from 12:00 noon to 11:00 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday from noon until 12:00 midnight. For a look at the complete Niu Noodle House menu, click here.

Niu Noodle House StoneStreetNY SSPNY Stone Street Properties Luxury Apartment Rentals


Welcome to SSPNY. The Stone Street Experience!  

More often than not in New York City, we find a rental apartment, move in, pay our rent and go about our business.  Rarely do positive relationships develop among landlord and tenant, but that is about to change. 

StoneStreetNY, SSPNY, Stone Street Logo

We want to introduce you to interactive living.  Stone Street Properties wants to invite you into our city, our neighborhoods, our properties, and the Stone Street Experience.   We will be sharing some of our favorite new and classic restaurants, shopping, and culture in your area.  We’ll also try to update you on any deals or city-wide information you’ll find interesting.  Finally we’ll keep you abreast of the progress Stone Street is making in adding new properties to our growing portfolio in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side, and soon the East Village, Nolita, Murray Hill.     

 SSPNY StoneStreetNY Luxury NYC Apartment Rentals Map

Not only do we want to provide you with a beautiful place to call home, but also help you to really experience New York City and your neighborhood.   


We’ll be sending each blog post out on facebook & twitter, so ‘like’ us and ‘follow’ us,

or check out photography of some of some of our great neighborhoods.

SSPNY StoneStreetNY Luxury NYC West Village Rentals The Seville at 11 CorneliaSSPNY Luxury Upper East Side Rentals The Emma at 344 East 85th Street, Stone Street Properties

Enjoy a new renting experience.  The Stone Street Experience!    

Rents in Manhattan Rebound to Record Highs 

A LITTLE more than two years ago, Tom Graney was paying a reasonable $2,200 for a spacious two-bedroom apartment on 11th Avenue and 52nd Street.

When Mr. Graney learned in early 2009 that his rent would be rising to $2,500, he decided to see if he could do better for his money. After all, it was just months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and many of New York’s most luxurious apartment buildings were desperate to find tenants, offering wildly generous incentives and cut-rate deals.

Mr. Graney settled on the Helena, a new glass tower at the corner of 11th Avenue and 57th. He found a one-bedroom with a home office for $2,840, and the management paid his broker’s fee and gave him one month’s free rent on a two-year lease.

“When you add in the month’s free rent,” he said, “it was really not much more than I would have been paying at my old place.” The new building was posh, with a fitness center and a rooftop deck that had stunning views. “It was nice,” said Mr. Graney, 28, a video producer, “and it felt like I was making progress.”

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Stone Street Properties Acquires 5-Property Manhattan Portfolio 

Stone Street Properties, a real estate investment firm recently formed by Gotham Organization alumnus Jeffrey Kaye and former Gumley Haft Kleier broker Robert Morgenstern, has acquired a small portfolio of five rental buildings in the East Village and the

Stone Street Properties Featured in 100th Issue of The Real Deal 

Long-time friends Robert Morgenstern and Jeffrey Kaye had often thought about leaving their respective jobs and going into business together.

Morgenstern, a real estate broker, and Kaye, a vice president at the Gotham Organization, dreamed of starting a real
estate investment firm, and as 2010 drew to a close, they felt the time was right.

“Nothing had been trading for months prior, and suddenly things started to
move,” said Morgenstern, who is married to broker and “Selling New York” star Sabrina
Kleier-Morgenstern. “We had access to some off-market deals. We could get them done
where no one else could.”

In January, they launched Stone Street Properties. Named after historic Stone
Street in the Financial District, the new company will own, operate and manage multi-
family buildings. Last month, Stone Street closed on it first acquisition, paying $32.6
million for 85 residential units in three West Village rental apartment buildings: 7
Cornelia Street, 11 Cornelia Street and 102 Christopher Street. The goal is to launch a
line of high-end buildings, branded as being part of the Stone Street portfolio.

“We’re taking these under-managed, under-serviced buildings and creating a
luxury brand,” said Kaye, who managed development projects and cultivated new
business while at Gotham.

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Stone Street Properties Featured in New York Post Article 

In an all-cash deal, two West Village apartment houses were sold for $32.6 million to Stone Street Properties.

The five-story walkup at 100-102 Christopher St. between Bleecker and Bedford Streets has 37 apartments and three stores and was built in 1920.

The five-story elevatored property at 7-11 Cornelia St. was constructed in 1900 and has 48 apartments and two stores along with a charming carriage house.

Seller Ioannis Danallis owned the buildings for 13 years and hired Laurence Ross, Christen Portelli and John Goldflam from the Highcap Group to market them.

With total income of $2.7 million and a net operating income of $1.9 million, the sale was completed at an income multiple of 12 and a 5.8 percent cap rate.

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