Pretty Neighborhood Spot Tartinery Nolita Offers Simple, Fresh Food for the Sunnier Days and Sultrier Nights to Come 

SSPNY Eats Simple Fresh Food at the Sunny and Sultry Nolita Spot Tartinery

SSPNY heads over to Nolita's one-stop-dining-shop for a Summery supper of salad. bread, a variety of tartines, and soups at the cute, trendy, lively, and always refreshing Tartinery on 209 Mulberry Street.

When the weather gets warm... and then warmer... and then crazy hot and humid... my craving for a simple supper of salad and bread (and maybe some nice soup?) starts kicking in. In Nolita, with its abundance of cute cafes and trendy restaurants, there are always plenty of options for such fresh, refreshing fare. But for one-stop summer dining in a lively setting, you may want to try one of the many varieties of tartines (and soups) at Nolita's Tartinery.     

SSPNY tries a variety of tartines at Tartinery with thinly-sliced bread and salad-sish ingredients. The menu offers three different kinds of bread, with tons of choices for protein including hams, beef, poultry and fish! This tartine is a Thon Cru, or thinly sliced raw tuna and fennel topped with lemon juice, olive oil, and wasabi Mayo.

A tartine is basically a long, thinly-sliced piece of bread piled high with salad-ish ingredients. There are at least three kinds of bread from which to choose here at Tartinery Nolita, but you should definitely fork over the extra buck-fifty and get the sourdough they import from France. A tougher choice will be which tartine to get, because there a LOT of options on the Tartinery menu. You'll find all the expected proteins--various hams, beef and poultry, many fishes--as well as several vegetable-based options. 

SSPNY first orders the the soup at Tartinery. The Butternut Squash soup, or Potage de Potimarrow is a great option, as well as the Bouillon de Poulet or chicken soup, as seen here.
 But before you get there, start with some soup, which, frankly, was the best part of my meal the last time I ate here. The Butternut Squash soup--sorry, the Potage de Potimarron--was thick and earthy with just the exact-right hit of nutmeg; the Bouillon de Poulet (aka, Chicken Soup) was basic, hearty, and bright. For our tartine course, my companion and I split a Thon Cru, which featured thinly sliced raw tuna and fennel, topped with lemon juice, olive oil, and wasabi mayo, as well as a Ratatouille tartine, which featured everything you'd think it would: eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. 
SSPNY lastly tried the Ratatouille tartine at Nolita's Tartinery which was good and featured eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and more!
Both were fine, the ingredients fresh (if a little too refrigerated), and priced low enough to moderate expectations. There's not a lot zing going on at Tartinery, but it's not a bad neighborhood option for a casual meal. Tartinery Nolita is located on Elizabeth Street just south of Spring, and is open daily from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight. More info and the complete Tartinery menu here.   
Tartinery Nolita offers French cuisine with fresh ingredients, at a low price, giving people a great casual meal option in their neighborhood. Tartinery Nolita is located on Elizabeth Street just south of Spring, open daily from noon to midnight.


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