NYC rental apartment living: A love story 

SSPNY Presents: A love story about rental apartment living in NYC

With Manhattan apartment sale prices hitting record highs this year (overall, third quarter sales are up almost 10% since last year; the median price for a Manhattan apartment, if you include both condos and co-ops, is now at $868,000, with the average reaching more than $1.3 million), does going the rental route suddenly make more sense than ever?SSPNY Presents: A love story about rental apartment living in NYC at Stone Street Properties at The Cooper at Cornelia Street

Especially with mortgages still tricky to obtain, and co-op boards acting ever more picky and ruthless in their scouring of your financial data? Well, I certainly think so... but, full disclosure, I have ALWAYS rented here in New York City, in two boroughs, several different neighborhoods, more than several different apartments, and across more years and life-changes than I'm willing to admit here on the internet.

SSPNY rental apartment living: A love story about renting in NYC at Stone Street Properties at The Charlotte at Christopher Street

SSPNY rental apartment living: A love story about renting in NYC at Stone Street Properties at The Charlotte at 102 Christopher Street in West Village

So why is someone who loves this city so much (me) so reluctant to "settle down" by buying a place? The glib answer: freedom. I love having the option, every year or two (depending on the length of my lease) of moving someplace new, whether a few blocks away, or into a completely different part of town. Constant change is one of the core, defining characteristics of New York City (that, and commerce), since, really, the days when the Dutch ran things and the place was, like, twenty blocks big, and that continues to be true right up to today. And all signs point to, if anything, even more accelerated growth in the years to come, with blocks, and whole neighborhoods, changing their look and feel in ways that are often hard to predict, and which you may or may not like. I loved living on the Upper West Side when I did, ditto the East Village, and Park Slope in Brooklyn fit nicely for awhile, and who knows where I'll wind up next. But I'm glad I haven't had to to go through the lengthy, expensive buying/selling process every time I've wanted to go somewhere new. Moving's hard enough work as it is, thank you very much.

SSPNY rental living: A love story about Stone Street Properties apartments in NYC at  at The Seville at 11 Cornelia Street in the West Village

There's another aspect to the freedom thing too. In a rental apartment, if there's a problem with the plumbing, or the fixtures, or the lawn (yes, rentals sometimes do have outdoor space), or the roof, or any other part of my home's infrastructure, I don't have to worry about it, and find some contractor, and lay out a bunch of money to have it fixed. That's what the my trusty super's for! And no matter how much I may love (or, sometimes, just like) whatever apartment I'm in, my REAL home will always be New York City itself, in all of it's crazy, beautiful, diverse, enegizing glory. NYC's excellent public transportation--not to mention that this is such a great walking town--means that as long you live near a subway station, pretty much everywhere else you'd want to go is readily accessible. For example, all three of Stone Street's West Village properties, in addition to being located in one of the prettiest, most exciting neighborhoods in the city, are all within easy walking distance of the A, C, B, D, E, F, M, 1, 2, 3, L, R, N, Q, 4, 5, and 6 trains. Which, obviously, can take you to a lot of different places.


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