Mother's Ruin for bracing drinks, a good-looking crowd, and first-rate food! 

Mother's Ruin for bracing drinks, a good-looking crowd, and first-rate food!

SSPNY enjoyed the loud, rowdy crowd at Mother's Ruin!

Mother's Ruin for bracing drinks, a good-looking crowd, and first-rate food!

Mother's Ruin on Spring and Elizabeth is so perfect for so many different types of casual food-and-drink occasions that it's tempting to classify it as a great local bar. But, really, this place is too electric, too alive with possibility to really qualify as a cozy neighborhood spot. On most nights--say, Wednesday through Saturday--and all through the night, Mother's Ruin is loud, rowdy and crowded. And yet somehow the scene energizes rather than irritates, and you can usually find a seat even if that idea seemed hopeless when you first walked in, and you will be so happy if you order any number of the many snacks and sandwiches on the menu, to go with all those gin cocktails you've been knocking back.      

 SSPNY had comfort food with a twist at Mother's Ruin restaurant!

The Mother's Ruin food menu is both appealingly ambitious and comfortably familiar. It's bar food with a twist, and the twist usually works. And whoever's back there in the kitchen is putting enough attention and love into each dish that what could have been straight-up booze-sopping fare is made into something memorable. Take the French Onion Soup-Grilled Cheese Sandwich, which qualifies as some sort of masterpiece of its kind. Everything's working hard here: gooey cheddar, good bread, sweet caramelized onions, a magnificent, chewy "burnt"-cheese coating surrounding the whole package, with a bowl of "jus" in which to dip. I ate this more than two weeks ago, and have not stopped thinking about it since. 

 At Mother's Ruin, SSPNY had good drinks and food, as well as good service!

Also much better than you'd expect, much better than it really needs to be, are the Mother's Ruin Duck Wings, spiced-up and sticky with a black peppercorn and ginger glaze, the meat tender enough to fall off the bone. And the ridiculously addictive Spicy Fried Chickpeas, a big bowl for only five bucks, will be gone in seconds if you're not careful. Have I oversold the food? Maybe a bit. But in lesser, uncaring hands, this would all be mediocre at best, because look at the all money we're making at the bar! Instead, a small miracle: a fun bar, reasonable prices, well-crafted drinks, great food, all in one place. I hear brunch is pretty killer, too.   

 A local hangout full of good-looking people, SSPNY felt at home at Mother's Ruin.

Mother's Ruin is located on Spring Street between Elizabeth and Mott, and is open every day from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. For more information a look at the Mother's Ruin food and drinks menus, see here. 

SSPNY visited Mother's Ruin, which is located on Spring Street between Elizabeth and Mott


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