Let's all appreciate the Essex Street Market BEFORE it's gone! 

Let's all appreciate the Essex Street Market BEFORE it's gone!

SSPNY headed down to the crowded and popular Essex Street Market--a downtown staple!


Let's all appreciate the Essex Street Marketing BEFORE it's gone!

Ok, sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you: there have been no updates about the great Essex Street Market moving across the street or shutting down entirely or whatever they plan on doing once the city's massive redevelopment project--nicknamed SPURA, for Seward Park Urban Renewal Area--kicks in. But at some point soon, something WILL finally happen to the Essex Street Market, one of my favorite indoor markets in the city in which to wander around and eat snacks and discover new and usually awesome food to bring home. And with the recent rash of closings of venerable, beloved institutions around town, I've decided to make a point of visiting these old-school spots on a more regular basis.  
We doesn't love cheese? There are a few cheesemongers at the Essex Street Market that SSPNY recommends!

SSPNY checked out the two butchers at Essex Street Market--Heritage and LuLu's

Anyway, I like the Essex Street Market for a lot of reasons. It never gets ridiculously crowded--rarely are there lines at individual booths, and you can almost always find a seat in the back--but there's still a good energy to the place, a bustle-y feel. The variety and quality of the food here, whether meat, fish, sweets, bread, cheese, groceries, ice cream, tacos, on and on, is excellent, on par with any of the larger, more heavily-hyped markets around the city. And the Essex Street Market is committed to independent, locally-owned businesses, which means that not only are you supporting your neighbors, but also that everyone is reliably friendly (or charmingly grumpy, ahem Shopsin's), and, because it's always the same folks working the counters, you can become a "regular" pretty quickly. You know, like a neighborhood spot should be.   
SSPNY loved these croissant donuts at Davidovich Bakery are a favorite at Essex Street Market!

The fresh and local products at the Essex Street Market are what makes it an SSPNY favorite.

I have lots of favorites at Essex Street Market, too many to get into here, but any list would have to include Boubouki, Rona Economoum's tiny Greek pastry shop at which this lawyer-turned-baker serves up amazing cookies (the Chocolate Chip, with hits of orange and walnut, and the Butter Almond crescent dusted with powered sugar are particularly craveable), as well as first-rate baklava and a wonderfully satisfying spanakopida. Also terrific: Saxelby Cheesemongers, Ni Japanese Delicacies, BOTH butchers (and upscale Heritage; the cheap Luis's), the lovely loaves at Pain D'Avignon, the Porchetta tacos at Brooklyn Tacos, the fake cronuts at Davidovich Bakery, and the gourmet goods at Formaggio Essex. And don't forget to check out the usually-fun art installation at Cuchifritos Gallery. The Essex Street Market is a true neighborhood treasure that, so far, even as it evolves, has lost none of its character. 
SSPNY loved the porchetta tacos at Brooklyn Taco at the Essex Street Market!
The Essex Street Market is located on the corner of Essex and Delancey Streets, and is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and on Sunday from 10:00 to 6:00. For more information and a complete list of vendors, see here.  


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