Just in time for chocolate-eating season (oh... also chocolate-giving): SSPNY pigs out at the new Roni-Sue's 

SSPNY Heads to Chocolate Heaven at Roni-Sue's!

SSPNY heads down to sample the chocolates and other treats at Roni-Sue's-located on Forsyth Street between Delancey and Rivington.


SSPNY heads to chocolate heaven at Roni-Sue's!


It's long been established, in my mind at least, that Rhoda Kave's Roni-Sue's makes the best chocolate, slightly sophisticated division, in town. Yes, the super-sweet creations at Li-Lac's West Village emporium are all pretty irresistible (get the chocolate-covered-oreos, or the chocolate-covered caramels, or the chocolate-covered anythings), and Soho's one-two punch of Vosges (get the goji berry ones) and Mariebelle (get the bark) will always make me happy. But even among these first-rate options, Roni-Sue's stands out, both just because the sweet treats here are amazing, but also because many of them have an added little something special, by which I mean: liquor.  
SSPNY found out that Roni-Sue's handmade chocolates all have something special in them-including liquor!
Backing up just a bit, the reason we're right now excited here at SSPNY about Roni-Sue's is that they've opened a brand-new chocolate shop/cafe/kitchen on Forsyth Street. Not to worry, Essex Street Market shoppers: Roni-Sue's will still be at their little counter over there. But now not only are there two spots to get these desserty delights, but at the new place on Forsyth Rhonda Kave and her crew are selling coffee and, even more exciting, hot chocolate. There are a few stools by the window at which to enjoy your warming beverage of choice, and be sure to add to your pleasure with one of Kave's muffins, brownies, biscotti or, as I did, with a excellent, chewy, chocolate chip cookie.
SSPNY loved the variety of sweet treats at Roni-Sue, especially the chewy chocolate chip cookies!
But the real star at Roni-Sue's operation are the truffles, with dozens of flavors (boozy or non-) from which to choose. It had been a while between Roni-Sue binges, so I decided to do a full six-pack: Pecan Pie, Sour Cherry, Raspberry, "Frida" (named after Kahlo, and featuring espresso), Pumpkin Spice, and, best of the bunch Beer and Pretzel Caramel, which really nailed the crunchy/chewy/creamy texture trifecta. And as delicious as any of the above is Roni-Sue's signature Butter Crunch, sweet and smooth, available in small bags or large tins. The new Roni-Sue's will also be a pick-up spot for all of the baked wonders from the great Butter and Scotch duo, including their amazing S'mores Pie.     
 SSPNY loved Roni-Sue's truffles! Flavors include pecan pie, sour cherry, raspberry, and even beer!
Roni-Sue Chocolates is located on Forsyth Street between Rivington and Delancey, and is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. More info about Roni-Sue, here. And if you want to orders pies--or anything else--from Butter and Scotch, see here.   


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