Fall in Love this Winter with The Fat Radish 

SSPNY Falls in Love with The Fat Radish this Winter, and You Will Too!

SSPNY falls in love with The Fat Raddish, which opened 2 years ago by partners Phil Winser and Chef Ben Towill in the ever-hip six-block stretch of Orchard Street, making their presence known with an oyster bar Leadbelly across the street and a Thai place, Two Good Traders coming soon.

The Fat Radish is a restaurant with which to fall in love. A rustic, airy, ridiculously pretty room, usually filled with equally attractive people, The Fat Radish sits at the foot of the ever-more hip and lively six-block stretch of Orchard Street which, by the way, with its art galleries, coffee shops (go to surfer-hang Lost Weekend for a Blue Bottle pour-over), fabulous boutiques, skater shops, and old-school craziness (check out the window display of Orchard Express Tailor Shop), has become one of my favorites destinations/walks in the city. And The Fat Radish menu? Veggie-centric but by no means vegetarian, totally appealing from start to finish, and I've never had an even remotely disappointing dish. HUGE crush.

SSPNY insists everything on The Fat Radish's menu is great, including the complimentary plate of fat radishes they bring to your table at the beginning of the meal and ordering an entree of four plump Montauk Diver Scallops

The Fat Radish has been successfully seducing downtown diners for about two years now, and partners Phil Winser and Chef Ben Towill have recently been upping their already-considerable presence on Orchard with the oyster bar Leadbelly across the street, and plans for a pricey Thai street food joint just up the block, Two Good Traders, coming soon. Anyway, I stopped into the mothership over Thanksgiving weekend for an early supper, to see if all of the planning and expansions have the kitchen distracted, and though it had been a few months since my last Fat Radish feast, I'm happy to say that they can still really bring it back there. The love (lust?) affair continues.

SSPNY also tries the Grilled Cheese plate as a bar snack

Everything on The Fat Radish dinner menu is good--and the complimentary plate of, um, fat radishes they bring you to start, in lieu of bread, is always a treat--but on this night my meal seemed particularly cheering, three course of big, well-balanced flavors, everything prepared with skill and care. Take my entree, four plump Montauk Diver Scallops, seared and appropriately rare, topped with capers and sitting on a pile of mashed golden beets and sweet potatoes, mustard greens adding a touch of chewy bitterness. Outstanding. My "bar snack" was equally good, a Grilled Cheese plate, the bread just on the right side of greasy, the biting cheese perfectly paired with grainy mustard, the plate completed by the sweet, acidic pickles. And my side of Roasted Brussels Sprouts was a simple, completely satisfying version of this ubiquitous dish. Basically: SWOON. I miss you already, Fat Radish.

SSPNY lastly orders the Roasted Brussels Sprouts which were completely delicious

The Fat Radish is located on Orchard Street just north of Canal, and serves weekday lunch from 12:00 noon to 3:30; weekend brunch (I've never tried, but it's always packed) from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30; and dinner nightly from 5:30 to 12:00 midnight, except for Sunday, when it closes at 10:00. More info and the complete Fat Radish menu, here.

The Fat Radish is located on Orchard Street just north of Canal Street and serves lunch weekly from noon to 3:30 and on the weekend from 11am to 3:30, with nightly dinners being served from 5:30 to midnight


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